Accrington Town Centre Redevelopment Sculptures

NMS has recently installed sculptures for the Accrington town centre memorial redevelopment. The first of the brass sculptures represents ‘Patch’, the dog of Accrington Stanley F.C. groundsman Harry Nash (pictured below). The second sculpture represents a Pals’ dog who was famously pictured running along the tram lines as the troops marched in front of thousands of people outside of the town hall before leaving to go to war.

The third sculpture of a squirrel is a reminder that Accrington was once surrounded by the huge oak forest of Blackburnshire. The name Accrington actually derives from the old English word ‘aecern’ which translates to Acorn whilst ‘tun’ means farmstead. The brass sculptures have been supplied by Castle Fine Arts Foundry and have been fitted prior to the grand opening of the town centre for Remembrance Sunday.