NMS Go Green

Ever mindful of the need to help preserve our environment, NMS have introduced recycling as part of our operations. By taking road planings and processing them through our on-site recycling plant, the planings are turned into a product called RAP (Recycled Asphalt Pavement) which can be used in the production of blacktop surfacing.

The traditional manufacturing process of asphalt contributes to greenhouse gas emissions as fossil fuels are burned when processing raw materials into the finished product. The use of RAP decreases theĀ amount of greenhouse gases released into the atmosphere which helps to tackle climate change and preserves our non renewable energy sources.

In addition to the environmental advantages, recycled asphalt is more durable and cheaper to produce than new asphalt and is not reliant on the fluctuating oil market. For further information click here or, please call 01942 722694 or email info@nmsltd.co.uk.