NMS_CONCRETE_BLOCKIn addition to our Civil Engineering and road planing operations, NMS has developed a considerable name for placement and hire of both concrete and metal temporary barriers .

Temporary barriers are mainly used in traffic diversion routes on temporary road closures to create a safe working zone between live traffic lanes and road-works.  They provide immediate protection and separation as well as a visible deterrent to control traffic speeds.

We provide, erect, maintain, and remove N2TCB (concrete barrier) and Varioguard (metal barrier) at accident locations and road-works. In addition NMS also manufacture NMS Concrete Barriers ideal for securing perimeter areas such as public or private land.

NMS provide a 24/7 emergency call out service to cover any problems that may occur on the highway.  A dedicated multi-skilled team ensures our customers can talk to a skilled and experienced supervisor at any time of day or night.

NMS are Sector Scheme 2B approved installers for the supply, erection and repair of Vehicle Restraint Systems.

NMS currently provide for highway use :


Free standing universal temporary concrete barrier, manufacture to Highway Construction Detail Specification. Each unit has a length of 3000mm, a height of 800mm and a width of 450mm. The units are laid in line and bolted together to form a continuous Vehicle Restraint System.

This is a Highways Agency Specified Product conforming to European Standard BSEN1317 parts 1& 2 having successfully completed test TB32 & TB11.

Following the testing and subsequent approval, N2TCB has attained Class N2 status, providing a restraint system for vehicles travelling at 70mph. N2TCB requires one of the narrowest working widths, achieving W3 Classification (working width of less that 1.0 m).

For examples of N2TCB in use : click here

To see the N2TCB brochure : click here

Varioguard Safety Fence System

NMS are approved installers for Varioguard.

Asset Varioguard is the leading metal highway safety barrier system on the UK market. This is a galvanised steel safety barrier with a unit length of 4000mm, delivered to site pre-assembled  in 12000mm lengths. It has a height of 900mm and a base width of 700mm.

Tests according to BS EN1317:1998, at performance levels T3, N1, N2, H1 and H2 have been successfully completed.

Full, detailed information is available in the Asset Varioguard Brochure. To download click here.

To see examples of Varioguard in use click here.

NMS Concrete Barriers

In addition to N2TCB and Varioguard, used on highways, NMS also manufacture concrete barriers used for securing perimeter areas such as public or private land including airport perimeters, crowd control, caravans and campers illegally sited, building sites and car parks.  Additionally, these barriers can also be used for ballast/kentledge as each barrier weighs 2.5 tonnes. These barriers are 3000mm long, 800mm high, with a width of 450mm.

These are available for both hire and purchase.

To see examples of NMS concrete barriers in use click here.