A6 Broughton Corridor Works Continue

NMS is continuing work on the A6 Corridor Works, Broughton project on time and on budget. Works are progressing including the removal of existing traffic signals at the Broughton crossroads, larger footways, dedicated cycle track sections, courtesy crossings, narrower roads, and foliage planting. 


NMS Civil Engineering is an established contractor based in North West England who have over 30 years of experience. We offer a range of services including Civils, Planning, Barriers, and Recycling from our on-site facility. If you would like any more information please email us info@nmsltd.co.uk or call us on 01942 772694.

Work continues at junction 27 of the M6 at Standish

NMS is continuing work on one of our current contracts at junction 27 of the M6 Standish on behalf of Balfour Beatt and Highways England. The Highways England scheme is well underway and involves upgrades to the cycle infrastructure and procedures to reduce congestion around the junction with the installation of full-time traffic signals.

NMS is tasked with the installation of new tactile paving, new footway construction, resurfacing existing footway and resurfacing the existing carriageway. In addition, full-time traffic signals on the gyratory will be introduced along with new road markings and signage. 

NMS Civil Engineering is an established contractor based in North West England who have over 30 years of experience. We offer a range of services including Civils, Planning, Barriers, and Recycling from our on-site facility. If you would like any more information please email us info@nmsltd.co.uk or call us on 01942 772694. [Read more…]

NMS Civil Engineering Secure A6 Corridor Works, Broughton

NMS Civil Engineering has been awarded the A6 Corridor Works, Broughton job. NMS has secured the contract with work commencing from August 2018 to June 2019. The plans include the removal of existing traffic signals at the Broughton crossroads, along with larger footways, narrower roads, courtesy crossings, dedicated cycle track sections, and foliage planting. Work has already commenced with the introduction of the new cycle lane and completion of the war memorial section of Garstang Road.

Take a look at just some the progress we have already made with the introdcution of the new cycle lane below.

The development work has been made possible due to the new bypass reducing traffic in Broughton village by an estimated 90%

Below are some generatied images of the proposed improvements posted by the Lancashire Enterprise Partnership, if you would like to read the full article click here

Broughton village square

A6 Garstang road, Broughton war memorial

Southbound view of Broughton crossroads

Whittingham lane view of crossroads

To find out what we’ve been up to recently click here to read more.

NMS Civil Engineering Recently Complete A55 Planing Contract


NMS Civil Engineering has recently completed planing work carried out on the A55 near Anglesey between junction four and five. NMS was able to deliver the resources to process 2100 tonnes of planing in a single day despite being in a difficult area for planing disposals. We used a combination of our state of the art Wirtgen W220 and Wirtgen 2100DC planers to process over 8424 tonnes of planing over the course of a combination of night and day shifts.

 We would like to thank Hanson Contracting for the smooth collaboration during this job as it would not have been possible without them.

One of our Wirtgen W220

Junction 4&5 of the A55

Work Nears Completion On The M60 Smart Motorway

NMS has been working on the M60 smart motorway at Junction 8-20 from the beginning of August 2014. NMS have been installing both Vairoguard and Zone guard barriers on behalf of Asset International. We have employed up to three installation teams on a nightly basis since August 2014 to ensure that we create a safe working zone between live traffic lanes and road-works.

We have also been involved with the ongoing surfacing works since April 2017 with works due to be completed by Christmas. NMS has already processed 65,000 tonnes of road planings, most of which has gone directly to our recycling plant at Junction 24 on the M6. We would like to thank Aggregate Industries for their organizational skills in helping us complete this difficult logistical project.

Still unsure what a smart motorway is and how it will affect you? Have a look at this video from the RAC below to get to grips with smart motorways:






Works Continue At A6 Broughton Ready For Armistice Day

NMS continue the work on the A6 at Broughton with the most recent section completed at the War Memorial on time and ready for Armistice Day.  NMS also assisted in the organisation a new plaque paying tribute to James Towers VC. James Towers, who was from the village of Broughton was an English recipient of the Victoria Cross, the highest and most prestigious award for gallantry in the face of the enemy that can be awarded to British and Commonwealth forces.

Christina Worswick from the Broughton Parish Council had this to say about the role that NMS played in the assistance of the tribute “The Parish Council have asked me to thank you for your assistance in helping organise the event and the placing of the plaque at Broughton War Memorial on 6th October in honour of Pte. James Towers VC. Everyone agreed it was a fitting tribute to him and it was a very special day for all who attended.  The information board has been well received in the village and we have had many compliments about it.”

Take a look at some recent photos of the work that we have recently completed around the memorial at Broughton below.




Accrington Town Centre Redevelopment Sculptures

NMS has recently installed sculptures for the Accrington town centre memorial redevelopment. The first of the brass sculptures represents ‘Patch’, the dog of Accrington Stanley F.C. groundsman Harry Nash (pictured below). The second sculpture represents a Pals’ dog who was famously pictured running along the tram lines as the troops marched in front of thousands of people outside of the town hall before leaving to go to war.

The third sculpture of a squirrel is a reminder that Accrington was once surrounded by the huge oak forest of Blackburnshire. The name Accrington actually derives from the old English word ‘aecern’ which translates to Acorn whilst ‘tun’ means farmstead. The brass sculptures have been supplied by Castle Fine Arts Foundry and have been fitted prior to the grand opening of the town centre for Remembrance Sunday.










NMS are supporting Children in Need!

Children in Need’s 2018 campaign is ‘Do Your Thing’ and is asking people to channel their passions and hobbies to help change the lives of disadvantaged young people ahead of the show which will be broadcast on Friday 16th November. Taking this challenge on board, the staff at NMS showcased their culinary talent and started baking. The resulting cupcakes were sold to raise money for the BBC Children in Need appeal.







NMS is also taking part in the annual Children in Need duck race sweepstake which is being broadcasted live across the United Kingdom at 1PM on Friday the 16th November on the Children in Need website. For more information on the duck race sweepstake click here.




NMS Go Green

Ever mindful of the need to help preserve our environment, NMS have introduced recycling as part of our operations. By taking road planings and processing them through our on-site recycling plant, the planings are turned into a product called RAP (Recycled Asphalt Pavement) which can be used in the production of blacktop surfacing.

The traditional manufacturing process of asphalt contributes to greenhouse gas emissions as fossil fuels are burned when processing raw materials into the finished product. The use of RAP decreases the amount of greenhouse gases released into the atmosphere which helps to tackle climate change and preserves our non renewable energy sources.

In addition to the environmental advantages, recycled asphalt is more durable and cheaper to produce than new asphalt and is not reliant on the fluctuating oil market. For further information click here or, please call 01942 722694 or email info@nmsltd.co.uk.

NMS Civil Engineering Secure Contract For M55 Junction Link Road Roundabout

NMS Civil Engineering has secured the contract for the initial section of the new M55 Junction East-West link road Roundabout. The roundabout will connect the new Link road with the Preston Western Distributor at the junction of Lea Lane and Sidgreaves Lane.

Below are the submitted plans for the Preston Western Distributor and the East West Link Road from Lancashire County Council. To find more information about the project click here to be redirected to Lancashire Enterprise Partnership website.