NMS Civil Engineering Recently Complete A55 Planing Contract


NMS Civil Engineering has recently completed planing work carried out on the A55 near Anglesey between junction four and five. NMS was able to deliver the resources to process 2100 tonnes of planing in a single day despite being in a difficult area for planing disposals. We used a combination of our state of the art Wirtgen W220 and Wirtgen 2100DC planers to process over 8424 tonnes of planing over the course of a combination of night and day shifts.

 We would like to thank Hanson Contracting for the smooth collaboration during this job as it would not have been possible without them.

One of our Wirtgen W220

Junction 4&5 of the A55

Work Nears Completion On The M60 Smart Motorway

NMS has been working on the M60 smart motorway at Junction 8-20 from the beginning of August 2014. NMS have been installing both Vairoguard and Zone guard barriers on behalf of Asset International. We have employed up to three installation teams on a nightly basis since August 2014 to ensure that we create a safe working zone between live traffic lanes and road-works.

We have also been involved with the ongoing surfacing works since April 2017 with works due to be completed by Christmas. NMS has already processed 65,000 tonnes of road planings, most of which has gone directly to our recycling plant at Junction 24 on the M6. We would like to thank Aggregate Industries for their organizational skills in helping us complete this difficult logistical project.

Still unsure what a smart motorway is and how it will affect you? Have a look at this video from the RAC below to get to grips with smart motorways: