New W220 Planer

NMS can now reveal theiw220 Planer best aloner new Planer, the Wirtgen W220.

The W220 is now the largest milling machine amongst the Planer fleet. An innovative feature of the W220 is that the milling drum speed can be adjusted which helps to cut down emissions. The W220 cuts at a width of 2.2m and can plane up to depth of 350mm.

The Wirtgen W220 is operated with Wirtgen’s latest technology the WIDRIVE machine management system.

The WIDRIVE machine management system has been able to reduce the amount of controls needed for the operator to aid easy handling. Additionally, the WIDRIVE optimizes fuel consumption as the economically efficient engine always works in the optimum performance and torque ranges.

For more information on the W220 please click here to visit the Wirtgen website.

For quotes and booking of the W220 or the rest of the fleet then contact Roger on 01942 722694.

New 8W Tipper Wagon

The Volvo FM450 8X4 tipper wagon is the latest recruit to the growing NMS fleet.

Volvo have been continuously upgrading the Volvo FM series for over 10years with significant developments made in its fuel efficiency and improved stylish appearance.

The Tipper will be a valued addition within the planing division.



Two New 8W Tippers

NMS are pleased with their 2 new Volvo FM450 8X4 tippers. (See pictures below)


These vehicles come with the upgraded Euro 6 engine that reduces the emissions and particulates while maintaining its fuel economy.

Both 8 wheeled road wagons are valued additions to the vehicle fleet and have been painted with a new modern design that make them more aesthetically pleasing to the eye.


NMS Volvo Crane Unit

This investment is a product of the Volvo FH series.

The new Volvo FH500 6X2 rear tag 3-axle Tractor Unit with Fassi Crane F485RA.2.24 (see picture below).

The Tractor unit is a product of the Volvo FH series and the articulating crane is a continuous rotating crane and complete with European Compliant safety devices to assist with safe loading and unloading.

The Crane unit is a key feature within the barrier division.

 PN65 NWS Website



NMS Introduce a Second Road Sweeper


The Road Sweeper is another V651 Johnston’s Roadsweeper following the success of the first sweeper introduced last year. The V Range has established itself as Johnston’s most reliable and dependable truck mounted sweeper.

The sweeper is the most recent addition to the fleet and will be a valued asset to be used within the planing division.

For more information on the sweeper or any member of the fleet please contact Roger on 01942 722694.

NMS New Tipper Wagon

NMS is pleased unveil the newest addition to the Vehicle Fleet, the Volvo FM13 E6 460 8X4 Drawbar Tipper.

PJ14 FYM pic

In addition to its improved driving characteristics and improved cab safety, the tipper is lighter than the previous model and has an upgraded Euro 6 engine which can help improve fuel efficiency by 5% and will help reduce the carbon footprint.

The Tipper is a valuable addition to the growing NMS fleet.

Company Restructure

After 25 years of loyal and dedicated service to the company, Peter Law has left our employment for a change in lifestyle on Friday 27th June 2014. We would all like to thank Peter for all the hard work he has done over the years and wish him all the best for the future.

This has left a vacancy for the role of Contracts Manager.

NMS are pleased to announce that the vacancy has been filled internally and we have appointed Billy Griffin as the new Contract Manager. Billy will be in charge of the day to day running of the civils, blocks and variogaurd contracts.

Billy has a wealth of experience in these fields and his hands on proactive approach will ensure continued success into the future.

NMS Road Sweeper

Following recent introductions, NMS can now present its first ever Road Sweeper.


The 18ton DAF chassis is mounted by the state of the art Johnson V651 Dual Sweep. The V651 has a hopper volume of 6.5m³ and water tank capacity of 1572 litres. The sweeper will majority be used within the planing division but can be hired out separately if required.

The V Range has established itself as Johnston’s most reliable and dependable truck mounted sweeper. The Latest V Range sweepers have been developed from over 50 years of evolution and continuous improvement to meet customer requirements.

For more information or to hire the sweeper then please contact Roger or Mark on 01942 722694.


Congratulations to Office Manager Malcolm Holland who recently, after passing his exams with distinction, was awarded the NEBOSH National Certificate in Construction Health & Safety and will now act as the Company’s Health & Safety Advisor

New Recruit

NMS can now introduce the arrival of a new recruit to the planer fleet, the Wirtgen W150i.


Cutting at a width of 1.5m, the W150i is at the cutting edge of cold milling and can plane to depth of 320mm. The machine is fitted with a number of safety aspects including several state of the art cameras so the operator is always up to date on what is happening around the W150i.

The W150i comes with Wirtgens latest technology, the WIDRIVE. The WIDRIVE is responsible for automatically controlling the engine speed, turning the water spray system on and off, monitoring and controlling the conveyor belt speed or assiting the machine driver in operating the levelling system.

For more information on the W150i, then visit the Wirtgen website or follow the link below.

For quotes and booking of the W150i or the rest of the fleet then contact Roger on 01942 722694.